2019 Applied Math Youth Forum

TIME:December 21-22, 2019
LOCATION:Lecture Hall, Jiayibing Building, BICMR

    The 2019 Applied Math Youth Forum will be held at Peking University on Dec. 21-22th, 2019. This meeting is organized every year by School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) and Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR) , aiming to invite the most active young scholars to exchange the new progresses in applied mathematics.

    Workshop Schedule

    Organization Committee 

    ◆ Tiejun Li (Peking University)

    ◆ Ming Jiang (Peking University)                                  

    ◆ Lan Wu (Peking University)

    ◆ Jingping Yang (Peking University)

    Invited Speakers 

    ◎ Guangdong Bai (University of Queensland)

    ◎ Zecheng Gan (NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences) 

    ◎ Tingran Gao (University of Chicago)

    ◎ Wuchen Li (University of California, Los Angeles)

    ◎ Yinan Li (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica)

    ◎ Yulong Lu (Duke University)

    ◎ Peng Luo (University of Waterloo)

    ◎ Sui Tang (Johns Hopkins University)

    ◎ Xiaochuan Tian (University of Texas at Austin)

    ◎ Yunan Yang (NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences)

    ◎ Junyu Zhang (University of Minnesota Twin Cities)

    Accommodation and Travel Information 

    Beijing Friendship Hotel

    Address: 1 Zhongguancun South St.Beijing, 100873

    Tel: 010-68498888

    Website: http://www.BJfriendshiphotel.com


    Yanzhi Du

    Tel: 010-62744768

    E-mail: duyanzhi@math.pku.edu.cn


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    Yanzhi Du

    Tel: 010-62744768

    E-mail: duyanzhi@math.pku.edu.cn