A delegation from Moscow State University visited PKU

Release date:July 02,2019

On April 15, 2019, Prof. Alexander Ivanov, Prof. Andrey Shafarevich, Prof. Alexander Zheglov, Prof. Fedor Popelensky from the Department of Mathematical Mechanics of Moscow State University visited Peking University. Vice President of Peking University Tian Gang met with the delegation at Linhuxuan.

Tian Gang welcomed the delegation's visit and pointed out that Peking University and Moscow State University have always maintained close cooperation. At the end of March, Peking University participated in the international seminar on “Social, Human and the Future” held by the Moscow State University, further strengthening cooperation and exchanges between the two universities. This time, with the delegation’s visit, the two universities will further develop international exchanges in the field of mathematics. Prof. Fan Huijun (Chair of the Department of Mathematics), Prof. Li Zhi (Professor of the School of Engineering), and Prof. Zheng Ruqing (Deputy Director of the Office of International Relations) attended the meeting.

The Russian delegation also visited the School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) of Peking University and held a forum together. Prof. Chen Dayue (Dean of SMS), Prof. Hu Jun (Party Secretary of SMS), Prof. Shi Yuguang (Vice Dean of SMS), Prof. Fan Huijun (Chair of the Department of Mathematics), and other related faculty members attended the meeting. Prof. Chen Dayue introduced the SMS’s history, organizational structures, scientific research, education, future development goals and challenges. Prof. Alexander Ivanov, deputy head of the Department of Mathematical Mechanics, gave an overview of the situation in the department. The two sides exchanged views on the construction of the Sino-Russia Joint Mathematics Laboratory at Peking University, also reached a consensus on the exchange of teachers, the Sino-Russian joint mathematical conference and cooperated in the fields of geometry and mathematical physics, as well as algebra and geometric topology. Both sides agreed to hold regular Sino-Russia joint Mathematical conferences every year.

In the future, the two universities will get actively involved in exchanges and cooperation in more areas, such as joint training of graduate students and post-docs. 



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