Delegation from the University of Melbourne visits PKU

Release date:December 06,2018

From November 26th to 30th, 2018, a delegation made up of 7 members including Prof. Xia Aihua, Prof. Lawrence Reeves, Prof. Daniel Murfet etc. from the Department of Mathematics of the University of Melbourne visited Peking University and held the 3rd Peking-Melbourne Mathematics and Statistics Forum.

On the afternoon of November 26th, the School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) held a welcoming ceremony for the delegation from Melbourne. Prof. Chen Dayue (Dean of SMS), Prof. Shi Yuguang (Deputy Dean of SMS), Prof. Ren Yanxia (Chair of the Department of Probability and Statistics), Prof. Xia Bican (Chair of the Department of Information Sciences), Prof. Wu Lan (Chair of the Department of Financial Mathematics), Researcher Wang Jiajun and Researcher Lin Wei attended the welcoming ceremony. Prof. Chen Dayue extended a warm welcome to the Melbourne delegation and sincere congratulations on the success of this exchange.

After the ceremony, the delegation attended a forum together with the students from SMS. Prof. Lawrence Reeves gave a detailed introduction to the University of Melbourne. Prof. Xia Aihua shared his own experience of studying in Melbourne with the students and answered their questions about the PhD admission to the University of Melbourne and academic research etc.

The 3rd Beijing-Melbourne Mathematics and Statistics Forum had been held successfully from November 27th - 30th, 2018. Prof. Xia Binzhou, Prof. Peng Liuhua, Prof. Daniel Murfet, Prof. Xia Aihua from the University of Melbourne, Prof. Yang Wenyuan from Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research and Prof. Zhang Yuan from SMS gave their academic talks respectively.


List of talks:



Daniel Murfet

Derivatives of Turing Machines and Inductive Inference

Peng Liuhua

Distributed Statistical Inference for Massive Data

Xia Aihua

On approximate distribution of the superposition of point processes

Xia Binzhou

Stability of Circulant Graphs

Yang Wenyuan

Counting Conjugacy Classes in Groups with Contracting Elements

Zhang Yuan

On Stationary Harmonic Measure and Diffusion Limited Aggregation in the Upper Half Plane



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