18th PKU Summer School on Applied Mathematics was successfully held

Release date:August 03,2018

The 18th Peking University Summer School of Applied Mathematics was held at Peking University from July 8 to August 2, 2019. 130 graduate students and young teachers from many renowned universities at home and abroad participated in the summer school, including Peking University, Columbia University, National University of Singapore, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Fudan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and National University of Defense Technology.


This year, the summer school adhered to the teaching philosophy of cutting-edge topics and innovative methods, with emphasis on interdisciplinary subjects. The curriculum was based on applied mathematics, combining with the research needs of physics, materials, mechanics and other disciplines. Four courses were offered, and all lecturers were internationally renowned scholars in relevant research fields, including UCLA Professor Tom Chou teaching “Modeling in mathematical biology”, UIUC Professor Ruoyu Sun teaching “Mathematics of deep learning”, Columbia University Professor Kui Ren teaching “Computational inverse problems” and Columbia University Professor Henry Lam teaching “Uncertainty quantification and statistical methods for simulation analysis”.


These lecturers had profound knowledge and rich teaching experience. They talked about cutting-edge topics of international applied mathematics, which broadened students’ vision and improved their scientific research ability. Students actively participated in class discussion and talked about academic issues with lecturers after class. They were exposed to the most cutting-edge research directions and achievements of applied mathematics in the summer school, which was useful supplement to the domestic postgraduate curriculum.



Established in the summer of 2002, the PKU Summer School on Applied Mathematics has been held for 18 sessions. It is mainly open to graduate students and young teachers, with its curriculum focusing on interdisciplinary applied mathematics. The summer school has cultivated many talents engaged in interdisciplinary research. It offers the most cutting-edge courses as well as thinking modes of overseas scholars, which help students to identify cutting-edge topics, develop their research thinking, keep in line with the world-class research level and look at problems from the perspective of interdisciplinary science and applied mathematics.

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