PKU Math Alumnus Yi Liu Awarded 2017 "Qiu Shi Outstanding Young Scholar Prize"

Release date:July 12,2017

Recently, the Beijing International Mathematics Research Center researcher Liu Yi Awarded 2017 "Qiu Shi Outstanding Young Scholar Prize".

Liu Yi received a bachelor's degree in 2006 at the school of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University, 2012 Ph.D. at the University of California at Berkeley Department of mathematics, 2012 to 2015, Taussky-Todd lecturer in the Department of mathematics of California Institute of Technology, 2015 returned to the north, to join the Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research, and in this year's twelfth installment of the Central Organization Department "youth talent people plan list. Its main research field is low dimensional topology, which involves three-dimensional manifold, hyperbolic geometry and so on. He worked at the University of California at Berkeley, Herb Alexander Prize, California Institute of Technology during the work by the U.S. National Science Foundation Project leader. After returning to work, continue to devote themselves to the study of Liu Yi, the courage to tackle tough, has made outstanding achievements.

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