Peking University provides graduate students with financial aid to support them to attend summer programs, international conferences or forums. From 2012 to 2017, 44 graduate students got the financial aid.

Some doctoral students were able to participate in overseas study as exchange students for duration of several months up to more than one year. Those students are co-supervised by the advisors at PKU and abroad. They are sponsored by the China Scholarship Council or co-sponsored by PKU and overseas universities and institutions as well. From 2012 to 2017, 88 students got these financial supports.

SMS collaborated with École Polytechnique in Paris to launch the joint program of training the undergraduate-graduate students. Those students are selected from the undergraduate program in SMS. They study at PKU for the first three-year and study at École Polytechnique for the next three-year. If students meet all the requirements of École Polytechnique in Paris and PKU, they will get the degree of Bachelor of Science from PKU and Diplôme d’Ingénieur of École Polytechnique in six years. The students may come back to PKU to continue study for a Master degree in the seventh year. With successful completion of all the requirements of both sides, the students will get a degree of Master of Science of PKU and Diplôme de l’École Polytechnique. The language of application and examination is English, and instruction language in École Polytechnique in Paris is French. Up to now, one student has been sent to Paris for second-stage study in Paris.

SMS welcomes international students to come to study toward graduate degrees. In the past five years, 15 students from foreign countries including India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Pakistan have been admitted into the graduate program at SMS. Two of them have got the doctoral degrees and got teaching positions in the universities of Thailand.