AI Mingyao
Phone :86-10-62753480
Office :1526E


Ph.D,  Nankai University, 2003

M.S.,  Central China Normal University, 1991

B.S.,  Central China Normal University, 1988

Research Interests

Design and analysis of experiments, Computer experiments, High-dimensional data analysis, Applied statistics and probability.  (MathSciNet)

Selected Publications

  • Wei Zheng; Mingyao Ai; Kang Li. “Identification of universally optimal circular designs for the interference model.” Annals of Statistics, (2017).
  • Mingyao Ai; Xiangshun Kong;  Kang Li. “A general theory for orthogonal array based Latin hypercube designs. ” Statistica Sinica 26, (2016).
  • Mingyao Ai; Bochuan Jiang; Kang Li. “Construction of sliced space-filling designs based on balanced sliced orthogonal arrays.” Statistica Sinica 24, (2014).
  • Qian, Z.G. Peter; Mingyao Ai. “Nested lattice sampling: A new sampling scheme derived by randomizing nested orthogonal arrays.” Journal of the American Statistical Association 105, (2010).