XI Ruibin
Associate Professor
Office :1575E


Ph. D

Washington University in St. Louis 


M. S.

Peking University 


B. S.

Inner Mongolia University 


Research Interests

Bioinformatics, Statistical Computing, Bayesian Statistics, Big data analysis, Cancer Genomics, Network Analysis.  (MathSciNet)

1. Statistical analysis of high-throughput sequencing data

2. Copy number variation, structural variation

3. Bayesian analysis of quantile regression, divide and conquer methods for big data

4. Community detection; Network change detection

Selected Publications

  •  J. Chang, W. Tan, Z. Ling, R.Xi,  M. Shao,  … W. Mao, C. Wu,  and D. Lin,  (2017) Comprehensive analysis of esophageal squamous-cell carcinoma identifies alcohol drinking-related mutation signature and novel genomic alterations. Nature Communications, In press.
  • R.Xi, S. Lee, Y. Xia, Kim, T. and Park, P. (2016) Copy number analysis of whole-genome data using BIC-seq2 and its application to detection of cancer susceptibility variants, Nucleic Acids Research, 44(13):6274-86
  • De Los Angeles, A., Ferrari, F., R.Xi, Fujiwara, Y., Benvenisty, N., Deng, H., Hochedlinger, K., Jaenisch, R., Lee, S., Leitch, H.G., Lensch, M. W., Lujan, E., Pei, D., Rossant, J., Wernig, M., Park, P.J., Daley, G.Q. (2015) Hallmarks of pluripotency, Nature, 525 (7570), 469-478.
  • R.Xi,  A.G. Hadjipanayis, L.J. Luquette,T.M. Kim, E. Lee, J.H. Zhang, M.D. ohnson, D.M. Muzny, D.A. Wheeler, R. Kucherlapati, and P.  Park, (2011). Copy number alteration detection in sequencing data using the Bayesian information criterion, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 108(46):E1128-36.
  • P.V. Kharchenko, R.Xi, and  P. Park, (2011). Evidence for dosage compensation between the X and autosomes in mammals, Nature Genetics, 43(12):1167-9.