ZHANG Zhihua
Phone :86-10-62753844
Office :1419E


Ph. D

Xi’an Jiaotong University 


M. S.

Sichuan University 


B. S.

Chengdu College of Geology 


Research Interests

Statistical Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Numerical Computation.  (MathSciNet)

1. Bayesian analysis and computing

2. Deep learning and Reinforcement learning

3. Numerical linear algebra and numerical optimization

Selected Publications

  • Shusen Wang, Zhihua Zhang, and Tong Zhang. Towards More Efficient SPSD Matrix Approximation and CUR Matrix Decomposition. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 17(210): 1-49, 2016.
  • Shusen Wang, Luo Luo, and Zhihua Zhang. SPSD Matrix Approximation via Column Selection: Theories, Algorithms, and Extensions. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 17(49): 1-49, 2016.
  • Shusen Wang and Zhihua Zhang. Improving CUR Matrix Decomposition and the Nystrom Approximation via Adaptive Sampling. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 14: 2729-2769, 2013.
  • Zhihua Zhang, Dehua Liu, Guang Dai and Michael I. Jordan. Coherence Functions with Applications in Large-Margin Classification Methods. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 13: 2705-2734, 2012.
  • Zhihua Zhang, S. Wang, D. Liu and M. I. Jordan. EP-GIG Priors and Applications in Bayesian Sparse Learning. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 13: 2031-2061, 2012.