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Ph.D., Peking University, 1989.

B.S., Peking University, 1984.

Research Interests

Mathematical Analysis, Methods of Mathematical Physics, Nonlinear Analysis.  (MathSciNet)

Selected Publications

1. Pei Wang, Simon R. Arridge,Ming Jiang, Radiative transfer equation for media with spatially varying refractive index, Physical Review A, vol. 90, no. 2, pp. 023803 -, 2014.

2. Ming Jiang, Peter Maaß, Thomas Page, Regularizing properties of the Mumford-Shah functional for imaging applications, Inverse Problems, vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 035007 -, 2014.

3. Yueqing Wang, Xin Jiang, Bin Yu, Ming Jiang, A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach for Aerosol Retrieval Using MISR Data, Journal of the American Statistical Association, vol. 108, no. 502, pp. 483 - 493, 2013.

4. Seung Wook Lee, Yu Zhou, Tie Zhou,Ming Jiang, Jongyul Kim, Chiwon Ahn, Alfred K. Louis, Visibility studies in grating-based neutron phase contrast and dark-field imaging by partial coherence theory, Journal of Korean Physical Society, vol. 63, no. 11, pp. 2093 - 2097, 2013.

5. Yu Zhou, Alfred K. Louis, Tie Zhou,Ming Jiang, Partial coherence theory for x-ray phase contrast imaging technique with gratings, Optics Communications, vol. 285, Issue 24, pp. 4763 - 4774, 2012.