MO Xiaohuan
Phone :86-10-62758389
Office :1565S


Ph. D , West Brook Campus, Zhejiang University, 1991

M. S., West Brook Campus, Zhejiang University, 1985

B. S., Zhejiang Normal University,  1982

Research Interests

The major areas of research interest are Riemann-Finsler geometry and geometric variational problems.  (MathSciNet)

Selected Publications

  • X.H. Mo,N.M Solórzano and K.Tenenblat, spherically symmetric Finsler metrics with vanishing Douglas curvature.Diff.Geom.Appl.31(2013),746-758.
  • H.F. Liu and X.H. Mo, Examples of Finsler metrics with special curvature properties. Math. Nachr.288(2015), 1527-1537.
  • L.B.Huang and X.H. Mo,On the flag curvature of a class of Finsler metrics produced by the navigation problem.Pacific J. Math.277(2015),149-168.
  • L.B.Huang,H.F.Liu and X.H. Mo,On the construction of dually flat Finsler metrics.Osaka J. Math.52(2015),377-391.
  • R.L Bryant, L.Huang and X.H. Mo, On Finsler surfaces of constant flag curvature with a Killing field. Jour. Geom. Phy.116(2017) 345-357.