WANG Guanxiang
Phone :86-10-62758265
Office :14102E


Ph. D, Suzhou University, 1996

B. S., Nanjing University, 1984

Research Interests

Differential equations, Differential dynamics, Image processing.  (MathSciNet)

Selected Publications

  • Shuang Liang,Guanxiang Wang,Shuli Wang,Yu Wang, A New Method of Image Quality Assessment,WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on SIGNAL PROCESSING, Volume 12, 2016,p94-101.
  • Shuli WangGuanxiang Wang,Texture Classification by Bit-plane Multifractal spectrum and Bit-plane Barycentric Coordinates of Wavelet Coefficients,2015International Conference on Information science and Management Engineering(lCISME2015), p96-100.
  • Caiping Lv, Guanxiang Wang,Image Contrast Enhancement by Optimal Histogram Matching,Journal of Computational Information Systems 11: 3 (2015), 1163-1170.
  • Caiping Lv,Guanxiang Wang A new approach for shadow elimination based on Bhattacharyya distance, Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research,2015 Volume (issue) 33(3): 1639-1656.