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List of Honors and Awards at International Levels
Honors and AwardsRecipientsYear
SASTRA Ramanujan PrizeSHI,Yuguang2010
ICTP Prize in honour of Armand BorelZHU,Xiaohua2005
Joseph Johann Ritter von Prechtl MedalZONG,Chuanming2008
Levi L. Conant PrizeZONG,Chuanming2015
Ralph E. Kleinman PrizeE,Weinan2009
the ICIAM Collatz PrizeE,Weinan2003
1st Annual Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and EngineersE,Weinan1996
Oswald Veblen PrizeTIAN,Gang1996
Alan T. Waterman Award TIAN,Gang1994