School Colloquium——The General Kahler-Ricci Flow

2020-12-04 14:00-15:00 (Beijing Time) Online


Abstract: Since Hamilton’s introduction of the Ricci flow almost 40 years ago, the Kahler-Ricci flow has been attracting a wide range of attentions for the natural connections with Calabi-Yau and Kahler-Einstein metrics. In the last 2 decades, substantial progresses have been achieved in both the Fano case and general case.
In this survey talk, we focus on the latter one. On one hand, interesting results have brought together the studies on (real) Ricci flow and Kahler-Ricci flow. On the other hand, this topic has grown to be an exciting platform for interactions of ideas and techniques in algebraic geometry on Minimal Model Program, several complex variables on Monge-Ampere operator, and differential geometry on geometric evolution equation, with many formulated or predicted by Tian.
We start with the classic flow in the closed manifold setting, then move on to the complete non-compact manifold setting and finally consider a modified version of the flow. The overall theme is that by allowing the Kahler class to evolve, one can apply the flow to study degenerate classes.
Zoom Information:
ID: 674 1533 9400
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