Beijing-Novosibirsk seminar on geometry and mathematical physics——Mirror symmetry for a cusp polynomial Landau-Ginzburg orbifold

2021-06-10 17:00 online

Abstract:  We will establish mirror symmetry between  the cusp polynomials considered with a nontrivial symmetry group and Geigle-Lenzing orbifold projective lines. In particular, we will introduce Dubrovin-Frobenius manifold of equivariant Saito theory of any cusp polynomial and show that it is isomorphic to Dubrovin-Frobenius manifold of the respective Geigle-Lenzing orbifold.
We will also show that in the case of simple-elliptic singularities this mirror isomorphism is equivalent the certain relations in the ring of modular forms.
This is a joint work with A.Takahashi (Osaka).

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