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Brief Introduction

The School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) at Peking University (PKU) originated from the Section of Arithmetic of the Imperial University of Peking in 1904. The Division of Mathematics was established in 1912, students were enrolled in 1913. The faculty of mathematics was boosted in 1952 when the faculties of mathematics of Tsinghua University and Yenching were merged with that of Peking University. Since then, the undergraduate program was patterned after that of the Moscow State University in terms of the curriculum, syllabus as well as textbooks. The program was shut down during the period of Culture Revolution (1966-1976) and has been continuously in operation since 1978. While the enrollment is kept constant, many steps were taken to reform the undergraduate program in light of inputs from the western universities (European and American). The Department of Mathematics was upgraded as the School of Mathematical Sciences to better reflect our views of the subject. The curriculum and syllabus also modified from time to time to reduce the Soviet influence.


As one of the “National Pools for Talents in Basic Scientific Research and Education” designated by the Ministry of Education of China, the school adheres to the university policy on education, which states as follows, “strengthening the basic training, weakening the professional boundaries, personalized training, specialized cultivating and enhancing the adaptability”. Students are required to take the same courses for the first two years, and to complete the program by taking courses required by the major of his/her choice. Our goal is to foster academic professionals with a strict training in mathematics, a wide range of knowledge, good skills in computer, as well as a strong adaptability. After graduation, students should be able to work on scientific research and/or teaching in every respect of mathematics or inter-disciplines. They may conduct applied research, technological development or management etc in industrial or commercial companies. They may also pursue advanced studies in mathematics or related sciences.

 SMS offers the Bachelor of Science degree with five tracks: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computational Science, Statistics, Applied Statistics, Data Science and Big Data Technology.