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May 07

School Colloquium——Falconer's distance set problem

Time:2021-05-07 09:00-10:00

Speaker:Xiumin Du (Northwestern University)

Apr 16

School Colloquium——工程应用中的几个计算数学小问题

Time:2021-04-16 09:30-10:30

Speaker:樊玉伟 (华为中央研究院理论研究部)

Apr 15

Efficient spectral methods and error analysis for nonlinear Hamiltonian systems

Time:2021-04-15 14:00-15:00

Speaker:张智民 (美国韦恩州立大学)

Apr 13

CAM Seminar——Inverse scattering with multi-frequency sparse data

Time:2021-04-13 10:30-11:30

Speaker:Xia Ji(Beijing Institute of Technology)